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Don’t take things personally.

These words of wisdom came from Don Miguel Ruiz.

Do you make things about you when they aren’t about you at all?

For example: I was recently disappointed by the behavior of a professional business person that I was doing business with. He was referred to me by a close friend and because of that, this business person assumed he could freely share my personal business with this close friend. I was not happy about that. I believe that the only person that can share my personal business, is me. This business person had no malicious intent. He thought he was sharing good news with my good friend. However, it was not his place to share my news. My good friend…the one that received my private information, thought that I was upset because I didn’t want him to know this information, and that wasn’t the case at all. My unhappiness had NOTHING to do with my good friend. I was disappointed by the behavior of the person I was doing business with. Yet, because my good friend made this incident all about him, the conversation ended with my friend now unhappy with me. Don’t take things personally. Most of the time the way people behave has nothing to do with you. It is all about what’s going on in their own head and their own life.

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