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There’s a Reason for Everything:

There’s a Reason for the Covid 19 chaos:

There’s a Reason for the quarantine:

There’s a Reason for the lockdown on businesses:

The Reason is Human and Planetary Wellness.

Humanity had to be pulled away from the “rat race” busyness, to spend time alone, and re-evaluate the antiquated belief systems, that got us into this chaotic condition.

That’s why there is polarity right now on the planet. Belief systems are crumbling.

Please consider:

If our healthcare system is working, Why are we in the middle of a pandemic?

Why have so many died?

Why are people still dying?

Why were our hospitals full before Covid Why are people still dying of cancer in 2020?

Why are people still dying from AIDS?

Why are we still allowing allopathy to be the philosophy our standard of care follows? When that philosophy was developed from studying dead bodies! Allopathy was laughed at in 1800s because its a philosophy NOT based on effectiveness…how can it be? The research was done on DEAD people! And that is our standard of care in the USA!

Isn’t this pandemic ENOUGH evidence for you to see that our healthcare system DOESN’T WORK?

If our 2020 scientists are up to par, Why weren’t we prepared for this virus, if a similar event happened in 1928? We should have at least been stocked with supplies. 90 plus years is plenty of time to have figured out prevention.

Why was this virus allowed to leave China?

Why, in 2020 are 18 million people still infected with HIV?

Why are people still getting infected with HIV, today?

Why is there no vaccine for HIV? When its been around for 40 +years, and killed more people than everyone infected and killed by corona combined?

Why are scientists allowed to make GMO’s world wide? Knowing that they harm our DNA?

If our environmental systems work Why are the rain forests gone? Why did we sit idly by and watch the rain forest animals get displaced? All in the name of wood?

Why do we continue to let animals be abused?

Why do non-human sentient beings have no rights?

Why do we allow pollution to continue to poison our air, water, and food?

Why do we allow Monsanto to continue to poison our foods with pesticides?

If our legal system is fair and just, Why are our prisons full? With mostly INNOCENT black men?

Why have we allowed corrupt police officers to be hired, and then allowed them to get away with murdering black men?

While other blacks watch in horror, afraid to interfere, lest they be murdered too.

Why are there riots in the streets?

Why do we have crime?

Why do we have war, when we ALL know its LIGHT that changes the world, nothing else.

If our political systems and government is fair and just, Why are the elections rigged?

Why are government workers held under a separate legal system? With better pay and benefits than the rest of the people on the planet.

Why are we allowing a wall to be built, to keep other humans out? As if our little piece of the earth is more special than others? As if the humans on this side, are better than those on that side. Didn’t we leave that type of tyranny behind when the Berlin wall came down?

If our economical system is fair and just, Why are babies dying, everyday, of starvation?


Why are entire countries experiencing famine, when the problem in America is obesity?

Why do children in Haiti, NOT know what a bed is? Because they sleep on cement, dirt, or asphalt, so they’ve never even seen a bed. These are OUR kids!

Why do we let OUR elders suffer economically, after they worked their entire life, to not suffer.

WHY do we stick our elders in old folks homes? Where is the respect for the wisdom and history elders have?

Why, in 2020, does even one person have to go hungry?

The businesses have been locked down, because its unjust to make us work 40 hours a week, with just a few hours at the end of the day, to spend with our family. Two days off to get chores done, and then back to work…for the next 50 years? Only to be sick, in pain, or even die shortly after retirement.

If our education system is fair, Why have we been lied to about how other cultures got to America?

Why have whites been conditioned to believe that anyone who doesn’t look like us, doesn’t belong?

Why have we NOT been told about our natural abilities of intuition and manifestation?

Why do we still honor columbus day, when he did NOT discover America, and his “captain’s log” details the horror he put indigenous people through, including cutting off their noses and using young girls for sex?

Why have we allowed our children to be taught to hate Native Americans (typical history textbooks), and then have that teaching reinforced by seeing them on TV today, STILL being discriminated against, at Standing Rock?

If our banking and mortgage system is fair, Why are we being charged interest on loans? Did you know that is illegal? ITS ILLEGAL TO CHARGE INTEREST ON LOANS!

Why are bankers the 1% while the rest of us struggle?

Why do we allow credit card companies to get away with charging us 26% interest? ITS ILLEGAL.

If our tax system is fair, why does 50% of our income go to taxes?

Why are the 1% offered loop holes and exceptions that the rest of us don’t get?

If you think EQUALITY exists on this planet, sit down and have a conversation with a black man, or someone from the LBGQT community, or a woman working in congress. THEN you will get the truth about equality on this planet.

Why do we treat Veterans the way we do, when we never wanted them to go to war in the first place?

Why has our government lied to us about extraterrestrials being on our planet and part of society since 1945?

Can you SEE that OUR SYSTEMS aren’t working?

The reason this is called the Great Awakening, is so that folks will wake up, and


THEY are vehemently defending systems that no longer work. With statements like:

I don’t pay attention to conspiracies”

I follow facts

I follow science”

I follow CNN”

I trust ____________so I follow them”

Please stop following.

Do you really want to go back to “normal” when this pandemic is over?

I don’t! NORMAL is not acceptable.

Now is OUR chance to deconstruct what is CLEARLY not working. And reconstruct our systems so they match our kind and loving ways of today.

Instead of polarizing, fighting and name calling (conspiracy theorist), Let’s come together and make this new earth, the earth we prefer.

My offering: (I’m rephrasing a bible verse):

“Be careful not to “knee jerk” dismiss, the answer placed in front of you, simply because its message and appearance looks unfamiliar”

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