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I-am.jpgRelationships can be challenging. I recently had a falling out with someone I’ll refer to as “acquaintance A”. We have another companion in common who I’ll call “acquaintance B.” Acquaintance B was not involved in the misunderstanding between me and acquaintance A. However, in an apparent act of “loyalty” to acquaintance A, acquaintance B has stopped saying hello and making eye contact with me. When I initiate conversation, acquaintance B doesn’t even acknowledge my presence. This kind of behavior is incredibly interesting to me. As a perpetual student, I’m intrigued by what motivates people to act in a certain way, because it helps me learn how I don’t want to be. Also, when I’m getting to know new people, and considering whether or not to add them to my protected friendship circle, I fall back on the adage “Actions speak louder than words.” I also refer to the great Maya Angelou’s wisdom, who said “When people show you who they are, believe them, the first time.” Instead of ignoring Maya’s wisdom, and my intuition (mistakes I’ve made in the past), I’m going to believe that both acquaintance A and B are who they’ve expressed themselves to be. Then I can peacefully forgive and bless them, as I continue on my self care, and self respect, soul’s journey, without adding them to my group of friends.

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