Our furry friends

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Our pets (and all animals) are consummate teachers. They love us unconditionally…even if we wake up grumpy and have a bad hair day. They excitedly offer affection, no matter what we are wearing, how bad we smell, or what awful habit we have. Forgiveness is a way of life for them, so they never hold grudges. They never lie to us, or steal (unless its food-ha ha). They don’t worry about the future, or fret about the past, because they always live in the moment. They love to play, and run, and jump, and they ooze happiness. They show appreciation easily, delighted to get a bowl of chow, or a chance to go outside! As soon as we get home, they greet us with happy faces…over joyed at the chance to be with us again. Dogs specifically, are loyal and ferociously protective. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we emanated our furry friends? The next time you’re worried about something, take a look at your pet. They are never forboding, because they know life is good, and always abundant. Take some time today to consciously stop for a moment, and give your greatest friend, guide, and inspiration, some extra affection and appreciation. Your awareness will expand, and the bond between you will become unbreakable.

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