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What do you do when you’re minister double-crosses you? I find myself again, faced with a traumatic, emotional challenge. This time, betrayal, from someone I thought would safeguard my well being. As I seek understanding and soldier on, I am reminded of my lessons thus far: We are part of the divine, and each upsetting event we experience gives us a chance to express our divinity. In addition, when one is radiating spiritual growth, others may attack you unexpectedly. They are scared to see you evolving because they don’t understand your unfolding strength, and they fear that as you grow and mature, you will out shine them. In an effort to “slow you down” they will create serious, hurtful conflict. This is a fact that has been played out over and over throughout history. It is one of the reasons Jesus was crucified. My response to this most recent event, is to remind myself that many people are not as evolved as we expect them to be. Even a minister. Recalling this truth makes it easier to forgive. Forgiveness, after all, is for the one who’s been betrayed, so that they don’t carry around the hurt that was hurled in their direction. My next step is to marinate in the good feelings that come from sending love and blessings to those that did not act in my favor. I can rest easy now, knowing that many others have my back, and they continue to protect and love me completely.

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