I would like to take a few moments and show you why Cathryn is such an incredible healer and life coach. I have known her for quite some time now and this woman has never ceased to amaze me. When I first met Cathryn I was in my second round of Chemotherapy for Cervical Cancer. This was a horrendous experience for me, anything that could go wrong during my treatments did… horribly wrong! Once I started talking to Cathryn about it and listening to her open up to me in return, I really started to think about what she was saying. How we are treating the symptoms and not the cause, why would we do that?? Because we are told to of course! But Cathryn goes to great lengths to find the answer to compelling arguments about health, she does the groundwork to get to the bottom of every debate and seeing it from both sides, and then weighing the evidence and determining what it’s showing, not how much money can be made off this medication or that medication. And I truly value this lesson from her because for 18 months I was taking oral chemo pills, and my cancer was not only NOT getting smaller, it was spreading. Once I started listening to Cathryn’s advice, and listening to my body by giving it what it needs and visualizing the cancer being gone, it slowly but surely has gone away. I have been cancer free for nearly seven months now and intend to keep it that way by keeping Cathryn’s advice and direction close to my heart. One quote from Cathryn that has stayed with me is that when it comes to eating, she said that everything you put in to your body should serve a purpose, and if you keep this in mind when you’re eating you will select much better foods without even realizing!

Thy physical components are only part of the journey to good health and well-being. The other part comes from within, visualizing your health and successes, truly feeling it. Cathryn showed me that by harboring negative feelings from a very traumatic childhood were causing me physical symptoms beyond depression. Once you release any bad energy, it makes for such better health, and I tell you this from experience now, experience that I would not have had without Cathryn’s guidance. She has taught me how to be the best version of myself by being accountable, independent, compassionate and lastly, to be honest ALWAYS, to others and more importantly to ME. She has given me a motto that I now chose to live by, B.R.A.V.I.N.G.

Cathryn has taught me so many things in the time I have known her, more than she could ever know and has become one of my favorite people that I have ever met and I am so blessed. She has given the word mentor a whole new meaning. She has shown me to ask questions, don’t take anything at face value if it doesn’t feel right. Get a second opinion! Which is what this should serve for you, a second opinion backing what Cathryn stands for and what she can do for you. She is an amazing mentor for life and has helped shape this new me and I KNOW that she can do the same for you if given a chance.  

Jessica, East Bay, California

I’ve known Cathryn for 18+ years and we have worked together both for her projects and mine. There are a lot of adjectives to describe Cathryn: trustworthy, positive, knowledgeable, resourceful, and most importantly, caring. When Cathryn told me she was transitioning to self employment I knew it would be a perfect fit. If she worked for someone else, a supervisor might tell her that a solution to a client’s problem is not within their scope of practice. I believe that Cathryn will thrive being self-employed, because she would look for out of the box solutions instead of telling a client she can’t help them. Cathryn has always gone the extra mile. I can recommend her services without reservation.

Marc Stevens UCPhoto UCPhotog@UCPhoto.net


When I made an appointment with Cathryn, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if she could help me. I was trimming my hedges yesterday and this morning I woke up with excruciating back pain. I could hardly get out of bed. Once I forced myself to start moving, the pain was so great I couldn’t even walk down my front steps without assistance. When I got to Cathryn’s office, she immediately went to work and by the end of our session my pain was gone! I mean, completely gone! And the pain never came back! With just one session! I am still amazed when I think about it! I’ve got her number on speed dial now!

Gary, East Bay California