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Never stop learning.  When we meet and I hand you my business card you will see that my job title is “perpetual student”.  That’s because I really do learn something new every day.  I want to know everything about everything.  Why?  Because you can lose everything you own; your house, your car, your money, your family, your clothes, your shoes… everything… but no one can take away your education.  And there are those out there who will attempt to take advantage of you.  But if you are educated in many subjects, not just book smart, but street smart too, no one can make a fool of you.  Many un-evolved people still handle conflict by resorting to fisticuffs.  If you encounter someone like this…I recommend using your intellect as armor instead.  You won’t leave bruises on your opponent and the education you give your foe will last forever.  My highest hope is that your challenger will learn to use their intellect instead of punching someone when misunderstandings arise.  And each time you use your intellect as armor you are giving yourself a super boost of power!  I do what the Buddha did…approach every experience as if I know nothing.  I see what there is to learn from every encounter.  The source of the information you receive is very important too.  Don’t always believe what you read or hear.  Find out for yourself.  Question everything.

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