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One day while at Barb’s, we were in the backyard and her sister mentioned that when she was getting ready in the morning, particularly when she was brushing her hair, her cat came up to her and “asked” to be brushed too. Barb’s sister said to me “I just want the cat to go somewhere! Away!” I kept my silence. But if I had the chance again I would tell her what a treat she is missing out on. I love brushing my cat! She has superior hearing and she can hear me brushing my hair from anywhere in the house. As soon as she picks up on this sound she comes running to where ever I am and asks me to comb her too. How does she ask me? By jumping up onto the highest surface and staring intently at my comb and meowing loudly. Plus, I know my cat.  She focuses on things that she really loves. When I start brushing her, she closes her eyes and leans into the brush.  I immediately hear loud, approving purrs.   The rapture on her cute little face during each stroke would make anyone want to keep brushing her.  Always speak your truth when the chance arrives.  The world will be a better place because of it.
 boo 2010
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