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Here’s a fact in life:  you either pay the farmer or the doctor.  Which one do YOU choose?

I, personally, choose the farmer.  It’s much more fun to go to a farmers market and see and smell the fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables harvested locally. You can personally meet the grower and ask questions about how your food was cared for.  Is it organic?  Were pesticides used or did you use companion planting instead?  Were the seeds GMOs ( genetically modified organisms that have pesticides artificially placed inside)?  How old is the soil?  Did you use organic compost for fertilizer?  It feels good to bring home a bag full of beautiful fruits and vegetables that you selected yourself to later prepare for your family to share together.  And the boundless energy and strength you get from eating this way leads to a limitless life many people only dream of.


You could choose the doctor.  I did this for a large part of my life and I can tell you it is not fun!    Instead of “eating to live” I use to “live to eat”.  I knew, just like most of us do, that the food I was stuffing in my mouth till my cheeks bulged, was not good for me.  But I thought I was invincible.  After all, it takes a while to feel the results of eating poorly.  And I finally did feel the results!  I also ended up paying the doctor (and many other doctors too) a lot of money to tell me he didn’t know why I felt so fatigued and had so much pain.  At one point, he called me a liar and said I was “faking” my illness just so I could get out of work.  And you better believe he got paid for that appointment in which he call me a liar!  I certainly was not faking my illness but I did get out of work…I lost my health care job after 10 years of dedication, because my unexplainable pain and fatigue was so excruciating I could no longer walk.

So…which is it for you?

You create your future…so which do you choose?  The farmer?  Or the doctor?


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