I thought the advice was free. Why are you asking for donations?

Any advice given openly on the website is absolutely free.  If you feel what Cathryn has to offer is valuable, please make a heart centered donation,  in whatever amount seems fair to you.

How much does it cost to work with Cathryn?

All offerings are provided on a donation and heart centered basis.  You can donate by clicking on the “Paypal” button at the bottom of the page, or click the “Book Now” button next to each service.

What if I don’t have any problems? I just want to talk.

That’s perfectly ok.

Is Cathryn a licensed Intuitive Coach?

No.  Instead, she was formally trained as a Nationally Certified Re-creation Therapist. She met the strict guidelines required by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) and became credentialed in 2001. Licensing is not yet required in the state of California where she resides. She refers to Recreation Therapy as “Re-creation Therapy” because the purpose of the RT process is to improve or re-create physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual happiness and satisfaction (5 domains) in order to facilitate full participation in life. You can find out more about her academic training at


In addition, she went to graduate school to earn a master of arts degree, and there, she was formally trained in Counseling Psychology,  how the mind works, and why we think the way we do.  She explains: “An individual’s thought patterns affect every aspect of their life.  I wanted to be appropriately trained in Counseling Psychology too, so I can help the whole person.  I believe my education and experience in all 6 domains (5 in RT, and the 6th in psychology) gives me the ability to work with a wide variety of people, which other online messengers trained only in one field, do not have.”  You can find out more about her graduate training here:

Counseling Psychology – http://go.argosy.edu/general/master-doctoral and her MFT – https://www.brandman.edu/arts-sciences/ma-psychology-marriage-and-family-therapy

        Cathryn also studied the effects of a person’s thought patterns and The          Law of Attraction, as a student of:

        Earnest Holmes and The Science of Mind                 http://scienceofmind.com/what-we-believe/

        Esther and Jerry Hicks            http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php

        Wayne Dyer             http://www.drwaynedyer.com/

        Mike Dooley             http://www.tut.com/about/mikedooley/

How did she develop her Intuition?

Cathryn was born highly intuitive.  She was also formally trained in the field of Intuition at Intuitive Way, located in Walnut Creek California.             http://intuitiveway.com/

In addition, she studied Intuition Medicine as a student of:

        Carolyn Myss               https://www.myss.com/cmed-caroline-myss-educational-institute/

        Francesca McCartney, PhD at Intuition Medicine University     


        Sarah Wiseman              http://www.sarawiseman.com/

Can I stay anonymous when working with you?

Absolutely! When you sign up we do not ask you for your full name or contact information. You can pick a “nick name” which will identify you in the system.

What can I expect when working with Cathryn?

You can expect to confront issues and beliefs that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating a reality you LOVE to be in. As uncomfortable as that may sound, Cathryn has new, less uncomfortable ways to tackles your concerns that can actually be fun. After your time with Cathryn is over, you will wake up each morning, excited about the day ahead of you!  

Cathryn will sense and read the energy you project, in order to help you resolve your deepest issues. She can sense your blockages and help you root out the source of your pain (emotional, psychological, physical). Then, she can guide you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the life you want to live. By healing these issues and aligning your belief systems to reflect more of WHO YOU ARE, you can open yourself up to love, and the abundance of opportunities that life has been waiting to offer you.

Here at AskCathryn.com, Discussions/Opinions/Advice will be focused on solutions.  You will never be scolded or judged.  This is a safe place to talk about anything.  All discussions are confidential, and locked away in an metaphorical vault, forever.

Studies show online learning is effective:

There are many advantages to online coaching, such as cost and time savings, and increased flexibility when choosing the time for learning. It can all be organized through email, Zoom, Skype and visual tutorials.


We encourage you to do your own research before signing up. Internet-based teaching and coaching fills a void for those folks who have transportation issues, or disabilities that prevent them from getting to a face-to-face appointment. It is also appropriate for those clients who feel awkward or extremely uncomfortable sharing their personal issues with someone they just met. There is a degree of anonymity and privacy that face-to-face, in person teaching cannot match.