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Share this post There’s a Reason for Everything: There’s a Reason for the Covid 19 chaos: There’s a Reason for the quarantine: There’s a Reason for the lockdown on businesses: The Reason is Human and Planetary Wellness. Humanity had to be pulled away from the “rat race” busyness, to spend […]

Share this post What I want for you is to have all the skills necessary to navigate through life easily and successfully. One technique you can start practicing right away, is observation. When you’re an experienced observer, you can walk into a room, a building, or anywhere in your environment […]

Share this post What do you do when you’re minister double-crosses you? I find myself again, faced with a traumatic, emotional challenge. This time, betrayal, from someone I thought would safeguard my well being. As I seek understanding and soldier on, I am reminded of my lessons thus far: We […]

Share this post Relationships can be challenging. I recently had a falling out with someone I’ll refer to as “acquaintance A”. We have another companion in common who I’ll call “acquaintance B.” Acquaintance B was not involved in the misunderstanding between me and acquaintance A. However, in an apparent act […]

Share this post Do you get markedly upset if someone says something you don’t like or don’t agree with? Do you let them know that you don’t like what they said? If you do, I suggest that instead, you simply…observe. Sit back, and silently observe what they said, and the […]

Share this post Our pets (and all animals) are consummate teachers. They love us unconditionally…even if we wake up grumpy and have a bad hair day. They excitedly offer affection, no matter what we are wearing, how bad we smell, or what awful habit we have. Forgiveness is a way […]

Our furry friends

Share this post How long do you wait before you say “I love you” when you’re in a new relationship? What is required before you say it? In my younger days, if a man told me he loved me early on, I immediately said it back to him, whether it […]

Share this post In the past, I put up with distasteful behavior by a friend, much longer than I should have, because I was “accepting others just as they are.” This was a common theme I came upon, as I was studying various philosophies in order to develop my personal […]

Share this post Don’t take things personally. These words of wisdom came from Don Miguel Ruiz. Do you make things about you when they aren’t about you at all? For example: I was recently disappointed by the behavior of a professional business person that I was doing business with. He […]