Monthly Archives: May 2016

Share this post One day while at Barb’s, we were in the backyard and her sister mentioned that when she was getting ready in the morning, particularly when she was brushing her hair, her cat came up to her and “asked” to be brushed too. Barb’s sister said to me […]

Share this post Thyme is a powerful herb that kills viruses immediately with no negative side effects.  You can find it dried in the spice section of the supermarket.  It also comes in tea bags or as an alcohol free tincture from your health food store.  Make sure you use the alcohol free form. […]

Share this post I’m going to the People’s Garden in my city today and we’re going to learn about making compost tea.  We even get to take some home.  We also get to dig in the garden and harvest some home grown, organic potatoes!  What’s in your garden? Follow us […]