Need free advice? Ask Cathryn.

Please come back often.
The world is a better place when you’re around!

 So, who am I ? And why do I think I’m qualified to offer advice?  Well, I’ve had a challenging life (BIG UNDERSTATEMENT!), including being hit by a truck while I was in a wheelchair! 

Despite that, I’m finally thriving! 

I created this site so I can chat with others who have questions, and no one to ask.

I’m writing a book too, that’s coming out next year.  Its based on the adventures and life lessons that have helped me evolve into the person I am today. By no means am I finished learning!

And I think everyone can benefit from my mistakes.

And…guess what?  There’s an easy and FUN way to get through life, that no one ever told us about.  I’m going to tell you everything, right here, on this site!

And…while we’re having fun, I can assist if you stumble along the way.

This is a safe space where anyone can ask a question about anything, anonymously, and I will respond in 48 hours or less.   

Subjects to use as fodder:  the meaning of life, why you are here, extraterrestrials, reality, relationships, nutrition, exercise, health, emotional wellness, psychology, spirituality, meditation, intuition, shamanism, energy and energy work, Feng Shui, integrity, strength in character, personal honor, fear, courage, volunteering, depression, happiness, pets, advocacy, writing, problems in the world today and possible solutions, illness, injury, disability, recovery, respite, self care, self love, finances, addiction, school, work, our education system….The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t see your subject mentioned here, please start a conversation.  It’s likely someone else wants to talk about that too.

If you don’t have any questions and/or you’re not into conversation, check out my  _Offerings   There are many ways we can work together